Bloons TD 5 Apk Download for Free Android (Latest Version) Apk

NameBloons TD 5 Apk
Latest Version6.1.2
Operating SystemAndroid 2.3.3 and Above
File Size99 MB
Last Updated13, December 2018
DeveloperNinja Kiwi
Downloads1 Million+
Download LinkClick here

 About Bloons TD 5 –

Bloons TD 5 Apk has heaps of innovative and exciting features all for the favorite tower. It is one of the most fun and exciting game that nowadays people are playing and attaining a beautiful gaming experience. It is also known as the Five-Star tower defense through the unrivaled depth along with the replay-ability that features the 2 players cooperative play. The Bloons TD 5 Apk game delivers hours of excitement and challenging play to the audience that is supported through several exciting features like 19+ mighty towers along with Activated Abilities.  The article will highlight some of the basic features of the game and methods to download the Bloons TD 5 Apk game on your Android.

Features of Bloons TD 5 Apk –

  • More than 30 tracks along with great added graphics options to the game
  • Ten special Agents along with the 10 mission that makes playing the game more interesting for the player.
  • More than 250 random Missions that keep you engaged while playing the Bloons TD 5 Apk game
  • Innovative Blossom Enemies which makes the game kids friendly along with Free play mode after mastering a track.
  • You have the feasibility to connect to a friend or assist them by offering live. By linking your social media account. It is always fun to play with a friend where you can compete with each other high score available on the board.
  • There is a weekly hunt Prize which is awarded to the player. So it is recommended to play as much you can to win the prize and unlock the next level. Along with that, there are many rewards available in the game package. And as soon as you meet the criteria, you will be eligible to attain it.
  • There are innovative and complex blood enemies are available that will make the path to victory exciting and full of hindrances. They are considered as camps and regrow Bloon which make sure that success is fought
  • The rule to play the Bloons TD 5 Apk game is elementary, and family suited that indicates that every member can enjoy the game despite the age factor.

Other Major Aspects:

  • Save Game

In the application, the game can be stored after each round. As well as the moves between that took place. The option can be found as a button that is available in the right corner that says “Save.” You will be able to purchase the items from the start that eventually help you to upgrade the gaming level.

  • Load Game

When the game is saved, you have to click on Option Play, and there will be an option which is named as Load Game. When you click this button, it will bring you back to the screen, where you have saved the game previously.

  • Fast Forward

In this Bloons TD 5 Apk game, Bloons move relatively slowly as well as the Towers. If the player feels that their defenses are dominant and can withstand the bloons, it is suggested to you to turn on Fast forward to store the time. When it is turned on, each of the things moves 3 times faster. However, on later rounds, the player should turn off Fast Forward and appears at the bottom-right corner once you press “Go!”

  • Bloon Status

There are the statuses that can have the bloon; there are three statuses that will affect the bloon. At the point when the bloon is modified through the status, the bloon changes in appearance. The bloon can have all three statuses at the identical time and are named below:-

  • Freeze
  • Burn
  • Glue

Steps to Download & Install Bloons TD 5 Apk

If you are looking to download the Bloons TD 5 Apk game on your Android device, here is the list of steps that you have to follow with proper sequence.

  • Step 1: All you need is to choose the application and install it on your Android device. The game is available on Google Play Store; therefore, there is no need to worry much regarding the installation process.
  • Step 2: Once the downloading starts, you need to wait some minutes for the downloading process. This will depend on your internet connectivity.
  • Step 3: Choose the Install option and get ready to play the game and attain the enjoyment of play to the fullest.
  • Step 4: You will find the game icon on your device, now open the game and play.

Congratulation, you have successfully downloaded and installed the game, play the game and receive unmatched gaming experience.

Why Download Bloons TD 5 Apk?

The reason to choose the Bloons TD 5 Apk instead of the other versions of this game is that it offers a more logical and rational choice other than the regular version of Bloons TD 5 Apk. Therefore, we recommend to choose the Bloons TD 5 Apk and enjoy its gaming experience to the fullest.


With the above details, you can easily download the game and add an extramural charm to the gaming experience. All you have to do is to follow step by step methods to avoid any sort of issue. We, hope you will find the discussion helpful and receive the best value for your time spent.

The application will assist you in gaining unlimited coins that will help you to unlock the next level and attain the hassle-free gaming experience. In case, if you have any query or suggestion related to the topic, please let us know by commenting below.


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