Bomber Friends MOD APK Download for Free (Unlimited Everything) Apk

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Bomber Friends Mod APK

Latest Version3.32
Size51.4 MB
Last updated16 February 2019
RequirementAbove 4.0.3
Total downloads10 million+
Download linkClick Here

About the Company:

Bomber Friends is a game belonging to the “Action” genre. It is an action pack game that justifies its genre. Such a promising Bomber Friends MOD APK game can only be made by a company whose main motto must be providing joy to people. The company is Hyperkani also known as Hyperkani Oy which is situated in Finland. It’s a company based on Finnish software which focuses on developing games only for mobile devices, through which they can bring happiness to the face of people. This company is nearly completing a decade that’s right it was founded in 2009, and in such a short period of time, they have published so many marvelous games like Air Hockey, Stunt Car Challenge 1, 2 and 3, Bubble Classic, Slice Ice, Monster Car Stunts, Zombie Smasher and many more.

About the Bomber Friends MOD APK Game:

Bomber Friends MOD APK

Today’s generation is too busy in the competition; they do not get time to cheer up. In such a busy schedule people nowadays have forgotten about happiness, friendship. So to make people back to on track this Bomber Friends MOD APK game was made the founders, as it is a multiplayer game which allows you to play the game with your buddies too. It is so relaxing and cheerful. A game where you need to throw bombs on your friends and to play together. You could play in single player mode and in fact with random persons too in multiplayer mode.
Play with your friends in a virtual battle face them, kill them last surviving one wins but those who have died that is not the end for them as they can become obstacles for those who are still in the match by cursing them. A game that earns 4.5 ratings in critic list and fact has a vast downloading that is 10 million+ which shows its remarkability.


Bomber Friends MOD APK is a game in which you and your friend can beat up your stress of this world by playing together in the game and throw bombs on each other so that you can become the survivor and win. But it is not that easy that it sounds because the ones who are dead for them there’s a new phase as you can become obstacles and hurdles for your friends or your opponent and curse them. So choose correct bombs, analyze the arena so that you can be safe from other bombs, eliminate them and keep upgrading your bombs and keep unlocking new bombs which overall mean that it’s the best stress buster game to enjoy with your company.

Features of Bomber Friends MOD APK –

• Enjoy the multiplayer experience with your gang, beat them and be the survival. This Bomber Friends APK game reaches from 2 to 8 player range in the multiplayer section. In fact, you can also play with those players too which are online with you at the same time. Enjoy the best multiplayer app.
• There’s no chance of getting bored as there are around 300 levels in the challenge system and you will have 6 different areas where you can play, each having different types of monsters waiting for you.
• This Bomber Friends MOD APK game has such an easy control system for you to connect with the world and exciting gameplay which makes it best within its genre.
• You can customize the outfit which will make it look similar to you, and you could have hats, hair colored, greeting and even taught action.
• Choose your bombs perfectly which will help you to blow your enemy away. As you increase in this Bomber Friends MOD APK game, you keep getting different types of bombs with drastic powers.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

Specifications of Bomber Friends MOD APK:

The company has made this Bomber Friends APK game, especially so that it’s easily available for the people. It’s available for all devices like on Android, the IOS software. It can be easily be downloaded because the file size is very small which is up to 51.4 MB. The latest version of this Bomber Friends MOD APK game is 3.32 which was recently updated on 16th February 2019.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

System Requirement:

As the Bomber Friends APK game is made for fun so that every person can play it, so the developers did not put high specs required for the device. It quickly runs on every device having low specifications whether Android or IOS. On one’s device, you will need a minimum space of 70MB for the game to run and android version must be 4.0.3 or above it to make the Bomber Friends MOD APK game applicable to the device and for IOS, it must be above IOS 6.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

Steps to Download & Install the Bomber Friends MOD APK

• Click on the above button of the Bomber Friends MOD APK game here. Click on it for downloading.
• The device will ask for your permission as it downloaded outside the play store.
• Allow permission to your device.
• When the file is downloaded, move to its location.
• Now install the file.
• When the file is installed, your game is ready to be played. Enjoy.

Tips for efficient Playing:

It’s all about fun, but that does not mean you should lose to others, on the other hand, you be the only survivor. In order to reach that position, you should use the mind as first of all customize your outfit which will make you more confident. Now analyze the arena carefully so that you know the place where to hit and where to hide. Know the power and abilities of different bombs so that you can use them as well as sneak from them. Keep playing classic mode too so that you get used to the gameplay, controls, arenas, bombs and etc. Collect power-ups from the battlefield which will help you in blasting others and stay away from the curses or just destroy them.


Bomber Friends MOD APK is a perfect app for the gathering of friends with whom you can play, and in fact, you can play with random personalities too what else would one need from a multiplayer game. Even it gives advantage even after the death of the player to become an obstacle for other players.


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