Dead Target MOD APK Download for Free Android (Unlimited Everything) Apk

NameDead Target Mod APK
Latest Version4.16.1.1
Size98 MB
Released on28 January 2019
RequirementVaries with device
Total downloads50 million+
Download linkClick Here

About the Company:

Dead target is one of the most favorite first-person shooting games. This Dead Target game is developed by VNG Game Studios, a part of VNG Corporation which is a Vietnamese company that focuses on entertaining and e-commerce. This corporation was formed on September 9 of 2004.

Dead Target MOD APK

This franchise has also made some other cool shooting or running games like MAD Zombies, DEAD WARFARE, World Cup Run, etc. In fact, there’s a VR Dead Target game too. It has also developed apps for online payment or Vietnamese keyboard that is for e-commerce; those are 123Pay, Laban Key.

About the Dead Target MOD APK Game –

Think what will happen when the world is stuck into a world war but there’s a slight change as your opponent is zombies who don’t have emotions, then, the only way to survive is to kill and become the hero. Here in this Dead Target MOD APK game, you are the hero, and you have to save mankind by entering into the warfare and by collecting supplies and guns. Actually, epic guns which you can upgrade and get the chance of killing more than 20 types of zombies by these epic guns. To begin the adventure by joining the game as already, there are more than 50 million people on it so why to wait for more. This Dead Target MOD APK game already achieved a 4.5 rating in the top critic site.

Dead Target MOD APK


Get ready for the adventure as in when the Dead Target MOD APK game starts you need to pick up a fight against the approaching zombies with a gun which is suitable for you and just keep in mind, kill them don’t get killed by them, make sure no zombie survives your rage. Collect the supplies, move ahead, start killing and protect the world as you are going to be the hero of the team.

You get different location/maps where you can roam and choose to kill those annoying creatures by upgrading 3D guns, great quality graphics.
You need to survive the zombies’ apocalypse which is definitely fun. So, enjoy this terrific adventure.

Dead Target MOD APK

Features of Dead Target MOD APK –

  • Most amazing is its graphics. Here you can enjoy the realistic graphics with the pinch of 3D on it, so you get the best fps experience. In this Dead Target MOD APK game, you will get different maps where you want to achieve victory.
  • In this game, you get more than 20 types of zombies to face for which you will need different tactical skills to kill them. As you will reach ahead in the Dead Target APK game, it will get harder.

Dead Target MOD APK

  • To kill those huge and different types of zombies, you will get supremely enhanced guns which will be fun. As you move ahead different rifles, shotgun, sniper, grenades will be available which you can upgrade quickly and reach to the 3D guns.
  • Kill zombies and get on the top of the boards with comparing others killing skills. Be the man who will kill each zombie and earn the best achievement as you will be the last man standing.

Specifications of Dead Target MOD APK:

Its latest version is which was updated recently, and the size of the game file is 98mb. This Dead Target MOD APK game is easily available for the PC and for the smartphones that are, available in Android, IOS and fact for windows phone too.

System Requirement:

For this Dead Target MOD APK game not to lag in any device the system requirement is not so high. As there is no official announcement for this MOD APK but the user must have at least 100 to 300mb space in their device according to the smartphone they are carrying and at least a minimum RAM of 1 GB. With minimum android 5 version or more than it and in IOS it starts from 6 onwards. If all these minimum requirements are met, then your APK will run smoothly.

Dead Target MOD APK

Steps to Download & Install Dead Target MOD APK Game

The version of this Dead Target MOD APK game is not available on the play store. So, you need to download it directly from here.

To download the Dead Target, the following steps should be taken:

  • Search Dead Target MOD APK on the web browser.
  • You will find the game link on the above button. Click the link for downloading the Apk file.
  • Your device might ask for a security setting, allow the permission for downloading. It is because devices have a default setting to download these applications through play store only.
  • Once the file will be downloaded, you can open it and install it.
  • After installation, in your device, the game’s icon will appear.
  • Now click on the icon and start playing.

Tips For Efficient Gameplay:

The first and foremost thing a player should do is to adjust the sensitivity controls as you will be a new player and to kill a zombie you need perfect control for aiming, shooting and moving. To kill the zombie straight away aim for the head and if you cannot put a shot on the head then move slightly down for the chest, it is the next best place to shoot after head. In this Dead Target MOD APK game, you need golds as it is the currency of the game so to acquire them just complete the quests, achievements and redeem them to get the gold.

Dead Target MOD APK


It is among the best FPS games which will give you thrills as there is a variety of opponents in the Dead Target MOD APK game as well as in the society, those are zombies, and you could compete on the leader board. You get perfect graphics with perfect guns on moving ahead in the game with the places you want to roam in. In short, be ready for the adventure.


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