Download Original Lucky Patcher APK All Latest Versions

Download Original Lucky Patcher APK All Latest Versions
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NameLucky Patcher
Latest Versionv8.0.9
CategoryFile Management
Size7.1 MB
Released on08 January 2019
Requirement Android2.1+
Total Downloads1 Billion+
Download LinkClick Here

Download the Latest Lucky Patcher Apk for Free. Here we are showing you some of the Lucky Patcher Latest Versions of the Lucky Patcher APK Files from here. Hope you will like the apk and they will be helpful to you. So, Download all the Lucky Patcher App Version Files for your Android Devices.

Lucky Patcher Apk is not a Virus, harmful or Malware app but Google may show you a warning. So you should have to Disable the “Play Protect” on your Google Play Store to hide this warning from your Device.

Download and Installation Guidance:

To download the lucky patcher apk, you have to click on the download button from here below. You can find all the Lucky Patcher Latest versions as well as some of the lucky patcher old versions of the lucky patcher app from here below. If you click on the download button of any version, then you will redirect to the official versions download page and then click on the download option there so the download will start automatically. The file is compressed in the ZIP format. So, you have to extract the ZIP format file after downloading the app. ZIP files can be opened with many file manager apps. For example, you can use ‘WinZip.’ If you open the ZIP file, you will find the APK file there. To install the app, you have to open the APK file.

Lucky Patcher 8.0.9 Apk Version [Latest Version]


Older Versions:

Here you can download the older versions of Lucky Patcher Android app.

Lucky Patcher VersionsDownload Link
Lucky Patcher v7.4.5Download
Lucky Patcher v7.4.3Download
Lucky Patcher v7.4.2Download
Lucky Patcher v7.4.1Download
Lucky Patcher v7.3.8Download
Lucky Patcher v7.3.7Download
Lucky Patcher v7.3.6Download
Lucky Patcher v7.3.5Download
Lucky Patcher v7.3.4Download
Lucky Patcher v7.3.3Download


More Older Versions List:

Lucky Patcher Features (Changelog) –

Lucky Patcher 8.0.9 Apk Version

  • Ads removed

Lucky Patcher 8.0.7 Apk Version

  • Force close for French translation fixed

Lucky Patcher 8.0.6 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Share app fixed

Lucky Patcher 8.0.5 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Try fix installation from external storage

Lucky Patcher 8.0.3 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Permissions request for Android 6+ added

Lucky Patcher 8.0.2 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Sort by name fixed
  • Set minSDK to 14+ (Android 4.0+)
  • Show installing dialog for some devices fixed
  • Permission “android.permission..REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES” added

Lucky Patcher 8.0.0 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Sorting by status fixed
  • Android patches updated
  • Help about emulation for InApp purchases updated
  • The proxy server for support patch to InApp & LVL emulation added
  • Random package name for all users added

Lucky Patcher 7.5.5 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Help for custom patches added
  • Offset type patch added to custom patch engine

Lucky Patcher 7.5.4 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Auto update for root users reworked

Lucky Patcher 7.5.3 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Added the ability to write comments in the custom patch file “//”
  • Help for custom patches added
  • New tag [BLOCK HOSTS] for custom patches added
  • Bug in [SHARED-PREFERENCE] fixed

Lucky Patcher 7.5.2 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Widget for the Proxy server of Google Play fixed
  • ‘Disabled components pm disable methods’ changed (final apply button)

Lucky Patcher 7.5.1 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Help for custom patches added
  • New tag [PATCH ALL FILES] added

Lucky Patcher 7.5.0 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Analytics service added (works only when WiFi +charging are on)
  • The proxy server for Google Play fixed
  • Install original Google Play 12 fixed
  • New host for updated added

Lucky Patcher 7.4.7 Apk Version

  • Android patches for some ARM firmware updated

Lucky Patcher 7.4.6 Apk Version

  • Warning for Chinese MIUI devices added

Lucky Patcher 7.4.5 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated

Lucky Patcher 7.4.3 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Modded Play Store 11.8.09 added

Lucky Patcher 7.4.2 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Patch process for Android 9 fixed

Lucky Patcher 7.4.1 Apk Version

  • Cyclic update fixed

Lucky Patcher 7.3.8 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Fix filter for Android 6+

Lucky Patcher 7.3.7 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated

Lucky Patcher 7.3.6 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated

Lucky Patcher 7.3.5 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Added resume for download

Lucky Patcher 7.3.4 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Modded Google Play updated to 10.7.19

Lucky Patcher 7.3.3 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • ‘Sort by install time’ fixed
  • Bug in Android patch fixed

So, these are some of the lucky patcher latest version of this apk file. Use this Lucky Patcher apk & enjoy it!


Lucky Patcher Apk is one of the best modifying tools. There are other options available which claim to do the same, but they will never go to what this lucky patcher app does. Moreover, we are advised not to go for any other application. As Lucky Patcher app is tested and use, this application is more trusted than rest of other apps.

If you liked this Lucky Patcher article and was helpful to you to solve your problem, then do share it with others who need this lucky patcher apk application. If you have any queries or want to know more about this Lucky patcher apk application, feel free to comment down below, and we will get to you with the answer you want.


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