Download Lucky Patcher for Blackberry Devices (OS) Apk

With the new Blackberry 10 OS Device, Blackberry added a new feature where you can directly install .apk file. This feature has considerably helped as you can install any android file since all Android files come with .apk extensions.

Now, that we can install Android .apk file, we might also need to modify those applications with the customization we want.

What is Lucky Patcher?

You surely have come across your favorite game, where you deleted it because you are forced to pay some amount in order to go to the next level, or you have an application in your smartphone which has some features that you need.

But it is locked for premium or pro-access, which you can get only if you cash in some amount over that application. Well, Lucky Patcher apk removes all of these problems. And it modifies the application by adding all the customization you want.

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Lucky Patcher apk works on .apk file. So, if you wish to use Lucky Patcher app, you need to download .apk file of the application or games and then use it on them.

Download Lucky Patcher for Blackberry Device O.S. (Operating System)

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As BlackBerry 10 operating system Device as added a feature that supports installing direct API, we will similarly install Lucky Patcher apk. To download it, first, we need to download it. To download, you can google Lucky Patcher apk, or you can click on the below button to download directly.

After you download it, go to the folder where you have saved the .apk file of Lucky Patcher apk that you just downloaded. Install it; you might be prompted a warning message whether you want to continue, ignore that message and install the application.

Use Lucky Patcher App –

If you have downloaded and installed the Lucky Patcher app, then you can use it to customize your favorite applications. Note that Lucky Patcher app might not work on every application as there might be a problem since Lucky Patcher apk was made to run in Android environment.

  • Open Lucky Patcher apk, and you will see all the applications and games that are installed on your device.
    pen Lucky Patcher; you will see all the applications and games that are installed on your device
  • The application you want to customize, click on that application.
    The application you want to customize, click on that application
  • A drop-down menu comes which gives you many options for transferring application to SD card and many other. Among them, you need to click on: “Open Menu of Patches” to see the customization.

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  • On clicking a pop-up message comes, here you will see all the option by which you can modify your application or games. Some of them are like, remove google ads, modify apk file, remove license verification and others. Select that one you want to apply.
    On clicking a pop-up message comes, here you will see all the option by which you can modify your application or games
  • After the patch has been applied, reboot your device.
  • After reboot, open the application you just modified. You will see that the application has been amended by the customization that you have applied to.

Problems & Long-Term Use:

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After you have installed and customized your application with Lucky Patcher apk, you need to update Lucky Patcher app regularly. The reason behind this is that all the app does not allow to change or modify their settings. When you update these files all the customization you have added gets removed and even the security of these application changes. To get the customization back, you need to update and keep the latest version of Lucky Patcher apk, so that it can bypass that security and modify the application or games with the required customization.

Since you cannot root BlackBerry 10 (BB10), there is a chance that some features and tool of Lucky Patcher APK might not work.


So, this was it, and we will now be ending our guide to install Lucky Patcher apk on your Blackberry 10 OS Device, I hope this Download Lucky Patcher for BlackBerry Devices article has helped you if you liked it then do share it with others. So, as to, they can also modify their favorite files with their customization.

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So, if you like the article or the article will be helpful for you then do share it with others also so that others can also grab the benefits of the Lucky Patcher App of their devices.


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