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NameePSXe Apk
Latest Versionv2.0.9
Size5.53 MB
Released on02-Aug-13
Requirement Android2.3 and above
Total Downloads500 k+
Download LinkClick here

The ePSXe Developer team has done something that people only had it in their imagination. An emulator that helps us to play games of PlayStation on android. The ePSXe Apk is designed for all the tablets and smartphones and even has an option to support split-screen mode.

About the Application:

The app provides us with a wide range of options like hardware buttons mapping and virtual touchscreen pad support. There are many hardware and software patches that can be included in the app. To make the gameplay more fascinating. Xperia Play, phones with keyboard and gamepad, external gamepads Bluetooth or USB such as Xbox 360, Moga, Ipega, WillMote, and Sixaxis. Analog stick is also supported to make the gameplay more interesting.  The application supports OpenGL HD enhanced graphics. This can happen because of Peopsxgl Plugin. Cheat codes, savestates, and mem cards are compatible with the PC version. ePSXe Apk also includes the Intel Atom X86 and ARM.

Internal Information:

The GPU engine is enhanced and is accurate, and really fast with respect of the GPU. It includes better resolution, FXAA shader, and made specifically for the Neon instructions. Even the old games can run like a dream with the app. As the OpenGL is powered by the Peopsxgl plugin, there will be an increased resolution of the game and will even include many filtering options. The app provides with the best audio engine which supports all the audio effects like enveloping, noise and even modulation, and interpolation.

Whatever device the user has, it will change the audio settings according to that. The app provides various functions to manage all the audio variables. It has an option to adjust the latency. The user can choose low or very low from the options structure. This will help to get lower audio latency, but it will surely require more processing by the CPU.

How to Use ePSXe Apk

The software has a function where 2 players can play using the split screen mode with the two players getting the views just the opposite to its opponent in the same screen. The ePSXe Apk supports many gamepads. It supports DualShock, touchscreen, and even Digital only gamepad. The touchscreen controls have various skin options with the digital and analog. You can swap the button while selecting the DualShock option. The whole touchscreen skin can be edited with the help of the editing option in the onscreen settings button. All of it can be done according to your requirements.

There is a long list of games you can download directly from the app the software support and kind of format to run in your android device. Some of them are a bin, img, pbp, and even iso. You will also need any decompression tool like 7zipper to unzip the file to install.

Features of the ePSXe Apk

  • As the development of the app was taking place, the officials made sure that their main goal is to increase customer satisfaction. The app is designed for enabling all your games into your handheld device.
  • All the time we find android devices around us and to make them more portable the developers gave us access to the app that will help us play PlayStation in our handheld devices.
  • ePSXe Apk has the capacity of supporting up to 4 players. It is all possible by using the touchscreen, hardware controllers like the gamepad, Xperia Play, and even Bluetooth or OTG-USB keys.
  • The app supports various cheat codes by the help of Gameshark cheat codes which are built-in the software. You can basically download the cheat code and save it in your list and can use it while playing any game. One can do that by going to the configuration option and then click download cheat codes, and you will have the list of games.

Specification of EPSXe Apk

The best and the most stable version of ePSXe Apk is V2.0.8.

  • Application Name: ePSXe-2.0.8.apk
  • Apk file size: 29.3MB (This is before installation)
  • Version: 0.8
  • Supported On: Android 4.0 and Above.

Minimum & Recommended Requirements for ePSXe Apk:

The minimum requirement for the application to run properly is the device should be Android 4.0 and above and the GPU should be ARMv7 or X86. Clock speed or the clock frequency should be at least 800MHz. 256 MB of RAM is required. The best will be if the system will have ARMv7 with the neon and the clock speed more than 1200 MHz and the Ram should be more than 512 MB to get the best out of the software.

Steps to Download & Install ePSXe Apk

  • We need to download the Zip file from this link.

  • We have to keep in mind that the entire internet medium should be disconnected. That mean the Wi-Fi or the cellular data should be disabled.
  • After clicking the link given above, the file will be downloaded and do keep in mind to disable all the anti-virus software because sometimes it detects it as malware. This is a general reaction to any third part unlicensed software being installed to our system.
  • We have to extract the file in our system now and then copy them to the OBB directory in your internal storage. The directory is sdcard/Android/file directory.
  • After copying from your computer to your android device, you need to click on the file, and you will get a notification to install the application.
  • Now check the app is working properly or not. If there is any kind of problem, then change the directory or reinstall the app.


So, that was all about how to download and install the ePSXe Apk on your device. Well, the steps are pretty simple and easy to understand. But, you have to understand that not all devices support games available for ePSXe Apk. So, you will be able only to play games that are your device supports for efficient.


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