GTA San Andreas Apk Download for Free (Latest Version) Apk

NameGTA San Andreas Apk
Latest Version1.08
Size27 MB
Released on14 November 2018
Requirement Android3.0 or higher
Total Downloads500 Million+
Download LinkClick here

Rockstar Games have developed the best games for every console and portable devices to date. Let it be GTA, Max Payne or Red Dead Redemption. But the most played game till now is GTA San Andreas Apk. GTA San Andreas Apk was first just for PC, and later it was developed for other consoles. In January 2015 the game was being prepared for Android. Now GTA San Andreas Apk for Android is a recommended game for Android devices. It has a rating of 4.1 for gameplay, 4.1 for graphics, and 4.0 for controls. The three cities, the characters and the graphics as compared to the time it was developed is mind-blowing.

About the Game:

In the storyline, Carl Johnson left Los Santos which was not letting him live his life and was making him worse as the days were passing. Drugs, corruption and all kinds of trouble made the city the worst place to live. All the rich people tried avoiding the drug dealers and the bad people around the city.

The city later killed the mother of Carl Johnson, and due to this, his family was not together anymore. All his childhood friends and the people he loved were in danger or were unknown to their whereabouts. On his return to his city, he was framed to be a homicide and Carl Johnson was forced to get into trouble once again and he was in a mess once again. He realized that he would be getting into a lot of trouble, so he started meeting his lost friends and made some enemies too.

Is there anything new?

The whole story and the lineup characters have correctly been copied from the original PC version. That means we will be able to enjoy the specific feature and functions like we used to have in the PC version. We still have extensive options for cars and guns and all the weapons. So you be getting bored with it, and you don’t have to sacrifice any of the features you used to have in the PC version. But first, we all will doubt that the game will be played on a touch screen instead of the mouse and keyboard. The Rockstar Games Android Developers have managed to take all the controls from the PC to the touch screen without any problem, and the game is very friendly to operate.

The Development Process:

The game is developed in such a manner that we can include external input devices like keyboard, mouse, joysticks, and gamepads to control the game functions according to your preference. Sometimes problems are aiming and shooting in the touchscreen, so the developers have given an auto-aim option for better targeting. The opportunity for contacting the Rockstar Games helpline and the developer is very convenient, and your problems will be sorted out in no time. Rockstar Games have their cloud system, so that means even after you change your android and device and reinstall the game into a new device, you will not lose your playing session and saved games. GTA San Andreas Apk has no more upcoming updates or game changes for now, but we are expecting a better version of it in later times.

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk

GTA San Andreas Apk version 1.08 is the most stable version till now, and we will give you options to download the apk file with the money apk file. Features of the GTA San Andreas apk

  • There is no worry for the loss of your saved game. As with cloud saving function will be enabled in the 1.08 version.
  • The game is entirely compatible with any controller, and you can even experience the game with VR glasses.
  • Dual shock option is activated in the game, that means the user can experience vibrations while shooting or have any crash while driving.
  • The 1.08 apk version has excellent graphics and animations, and it all be adjusted according to your device capability.
  • The game will have an option for manually setting the graphics according to your device graphic card and RAM. You can lower the graphics to make the game less lag.
  • There are a lot of language options which include Russian and Italian too.
  • For better performance, you have to reboot your device before installing the game. It will give the user a better boot up time n the game.

Specification of GTA San Andreas Apk

  • App Name: Grand-Theft-Auto-San-Andreas-v1-08.apk
  • Apk size: 1.8GB
  • Version: v1.08
  • Supported On: Android 4.0 and Above.

Steps to Install GTA San Andreas Apk

The installation process of the file to your device,

  • First, download the file from the provided here.
  • Do disconnect your Wi-Fi or data pack before starting your installation process.
  • The file will automatically start downloading, and if not then there will be a link. Click it, and your download will begin.
  • Now decompress the file, and you will get two files, and one is the apk file, and the other is the obb file.
  • If you can’t find the OBB zip file, then create a secondary directory sdcard/Android/file directory.
  • Now copy the apk file from the downloaded location and then paste it in the /sdcard, Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/.

  • Now after copying the file, you need to select the file, and it will ask you to install the file. Keep in mind that the file should be not more than 1.8 GB before installation, and after installation, it will be around 2.41GB.
  • Install the file and then check everything. If still having any problem then redo the whole process. The issue will be solved.


So, that was all about the GTA San Andreas Apk. We have stated all the necessary information related to download GTA San Andreas Apk. And if you want to install this app on your android device, you have to follow a few simple steps in order to install it on your device.


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