[Guide] How to Hack Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher Apk Apk

Lucky Patcher Apk is an astonishing android application which lets you eliminate ads, break diverse apps’ Android Marketplace License Validation or other validation for the application. The Lucky Patcher app plays the main role for Rooted Android phone. Lucky Patcher Apk is fairly stable plus a superb app. Though, there is no 100 percent guarantee of this app since it occasionally causes issues toward your mobile device, for instance, restarting loop, unsteady system, etc. With this lucky patcher app, you can simply eliminate the Google ads which occasionally become too annoying and irritating.

Lucky Patcher Apk

Few Things to Take Care of:

  • Make sure that beforehand using this lucky patcher app you make a complete backup of your data in diverse storage as this lucky patcher app could lead to the damage to your data.
  • Subsequently, there is a risk of receiving your android device smashed via this lucky patcher app, but this is in sporadic.

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Methods for Hacking Android Apps using Lucky Patcher Apk

Hack Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher Apk

Furthermore, keeping the jeopardize on the other side, the app moreover offer some astonishing revenues for your android device. This tool stops the Google Advertisements, therefore, your device does not have to awaken up which would further improve your battery timing. According to the surveys plus report, the Android device by the app Lucky Patcher Apk has 8 hours lifespan without charging.There are three simple approaches to hack Android app plus games. Those are the following approaches given below:

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Lucky Patcher Apk: Method 1

  • Firstly, you will need to download the Lucky Patcher app from the internet and install it on yours.
  • Then start the lucky patcher app and provide it root access to your device.

Lucky Patcher Apk: Method 1

  • After that, you can either minimize or close down lucky patcher apk and start the app which you wish to hack into app acquisitions.
  • For doing that you will have to go to the buying section, then click on the app to purchase.
  • Once the page automatically opens wherever you would see in the window seeming “Do you wish to get the app for free.”

Once the page automatically opens wherever you would see in the window seeming “Do you wish to get the app for free

  • After seeing that message select “yes.”
  • In case you’re a non-rooted consumer click on “send the answer to the application.”

In case you’re a non-rooted consumer click on “send the answer to the application

  • After you are done, you could easily hack any apps or games effectively on your device.

The app can spontaneously support different features on your phone, and you can even unlock the features which you want to unlock, and you can also deactivate this lucky patcher app anytime you want.

But deactivation the app, there are moreover few phases which you are required to follow.

  • At first, you will be required to start lucky patcher apk.
  • Then go to toolbox where you can see an option in the lowest left corner
  • Here, choose “inactivate Google bill emulation,” and it’s done. It is reasonable as simple as that.

Lucky Patcher Apk: Method 2

  • Start the lucky patcher app.
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  • Then select and open the lucky patcher app which you want to hack into your device.
  • After finding, if app acquisitions are accessible you would see “app acquisitions found” under the app.
  • Tap on the app and click “open menu patch.”

Tap on the app and click “open menu patch

  • Then choose “support patches for an application ”with LVL emulation
  • Click apply, it might take some time to finish so you will have to wait till it ends.
  • Once your patch is completed, you can purchase anything for free, and you have successfully hacked the application.

Once your patch is completed, you can purchase anything for free, and you have successfully hacked the application

Lucky Patcher Apk: Method 3

This process is supposed to be the serving technique of method 1. This technique will upsurge your chance of success.

  • First Open the lucky patcher app and find Google Play Store.
  • After finding it, tap on it and choose “open menu of patches.”
  • A warning message will pop-up on your window is saying “this is a scheme app” you have to click ok and continue.
  • Then tap on custom patches and choose the first one “support.inapp.android.vending” and then click on apply.

Then tap on custom patches and choose the first one “support.inapp.android.vending” and then click on apply

  • Restart and start your device again.
  • After using method 3, you can efficiently use method 1 on any given application you want to hack.

*Note: Apply method 3 that would upsurge your odds of success.

For non-rooted devices, you would be able to hack any android game on your mobile phone only after you get a reply in your email inbox displaying click on “send a reply to application” (unsigned).

Some of the most Amazing Features of Lucky Patcher Apk –

It is must have this android lucky patcher app as it supports a load of amazing features that each android users require. It provides you real control over the apps that you have fixed on your android device. You can do astonishing trials with your apps using lucky patcher apk. You would be able to eliminate annoying Google advertisements from an app, change permissions of an app, generate a backup of an app, and get free in-app acquisitions in numerous apps and much more thrilling features you will get afterward installing it. Additional plus point is that maximum of its features work with non-rooted device however you require a rooted device to get more benefit from this lucky patcher app. Some of the most amazing features of this lucky patcher app are listed below:

  • Removes In-App Purchases

Most of the users make use of Lucky Patcher apk to use paid apps for free on their Android phones. In the case of consumer anyway gets stuck in games because of low coins or gems moreover some other funds and the user asked to do buying or buy coins or gems for moving toward next level in this kind of situation Lucky Patcher apk can save money by obtaining paid apps for free.

  • Removes Advertisements

Removes Advertisements

Another great mania around Lucky Patcher apk is that you can remove all frustrating advertisements simultaneously while playing a game, as using an application could be remote with Lucky Patcher App. Routine Patches for applications could also be formed by using the Lucky Patcher Apk.

  • Link2SD


The apps that are taking too much internal storage of your Android could be moved to your SD card through lucky patcher App. Doing this would free up the internal memory of your device. Root is essential for this task.

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  • Lucky Patcher Apk can Backup or Restore of Apps & Data

Lucky Patcher Apk can Backup or Restore of Apps & Data

Users can choose Backup characteristic in their Lucky Patcher app that helps users in saving the backup of vital data from apps. Lucky Patcher Apk, actually keeps Android application’s standbys in external files so the user can also make use of it on their computer or their cloud.

  • Remove License Authentication

Remove License Authentication

It can eliminate license confirmation of applications as well as make them capable of running. We might get certificate verification fault however you might face issues in starting any app downloaded from additional sources. Lucky Patcher Apk can be used in fixing such applications.

  • Switch any App to System App

Switch any App to System App

Since we all are acquainted with basic knowledge, there are two types of apps in smartphones.First one is a system app, in which a diversity of app that is present beforehand in your phones.For example, smart manager, planner, USB backup, etc. They are everlasting apps that user can’t eliminate & the other is installed apps, that user usually downloads from play stores like Games, and other social apps. But, they can be reduced or removed from the phone by Lucky Patcher App and helps a user in freeing up more space.

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  • Custom Patches

Custom Patches

There are multiple custom patches accessible for numerous apps which would mod or change features of your apps. Find plus patch whatsoever you like to.


There is no such application like Lucky Patcher Apk that offers users the real power to sanction apps on Android devices. You can quickly eliminate unnecessary advertising, alter agreements and even create backups of additional apps. So, you should start using this lucky patcher application ASAP.

So, this was it, and that’s all about How to hack android apps using Lucky Patcher App. But, kindly note that to relish all these aspects consumer do need a rooted application for retrieving these features. Because the Lucky Patcher App works much better if you provide it root access.


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