[Pro Guide] How To Hack Clash Of Clans Game By Lucky Patcher Apk Apk

Mobile game was stormed by different strategy games. One such game that stood out was the game we call the Clash of Clan. It has become the best strategy game that has been available for any mobile devices. The game is all about making strong defenses as well as strong army to go offensive so you can protect your clan which is mostly about elixir and gold as well as loot those from another player.
It is a good game, but do you want to make it more interesting and faster to achieve the ultimate position in the game, the legendary position. Well, here we are to show you what all you can do to make the game more easy and interesting and we will do all this modification using the one and only Lucky Patcher Apk.

How To Hack Clash Of Clans With Lucky Patcher Apk

What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

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Lucky Patcher is one the best patching tool, it allows all the modification which include removing Google Ads, removing in-app purchase and even adding new features using the custom patch option.

Lucky Patcher Apk Price: Lucky Patcher comes completely free to download and moreover it does not have any in-app purchase or any ads.

Lucky Patcher App Platform: Lucky Patcher is available only for the Android operating system only.

[How-To] Hack Clash of Clans by Lucky Patcher Apk

Using Lucky Patcher, we can add many different features as well as unlock many functionalities. But before we get into details lets us talk about the Lucky Patcher, what are the prerequisite and how to download it.

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  • Prerequisite:
    Lucky Patcher as we have mentioned is entirely free, but one thing you need to use Lucky Patcher is a rooted smartphone. Without the rooted Android device, although you can install the lucky patcher application, you can never be able to use any of the functionality. Here we have described brief steps on how to root the device.

    • Rooting is very easy to do if you know what tools to use. There are many ways to root the device, one of the easiest ways is to root is use apps that you can install on your smart devices and root it directly. One such app is to use KingRoot. Here is the link to KingRoot for Android.
    • Once you have downloaded and installed the Lucky patcher app, you can click on the apk file to install it. You might be shown that the lucky patcher app is dangerous to install, just ignore it and complete the installation.
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    • Click on the Lucky Patcher app to open it. You will see a blue button called the “Start Root.” Click on it to continue rooting.
    • Wait for some time while the app roots your device. The device might restart.
    • When the root is complete, you will see a screen displaying, “Successful Root option.”

Download & Install Lucky Patcher

  • Download & Install Lucky Patcher:
    Once you have rooted the device, now it is time to download and install Lucky Patcher. If you have not downloaded the app yet, here is the link to download for Android. Click on the link and download the latest version of the Lucky Patcher. An apk file will get saved, click on it to install the app. Once installed now is the time to open up and use it to Hack Clash of Clans.

  • Hack Clash of Clans:
    [adinserter block=”8″] There are a lot of features that you can hack and add multiple features to this game using Lucky Patcher. To do so open Lucky Patcher app as shown below. You need to grant Root access for a certain time, select any time and click on Grant option. Inside you will see all the apps that are installed on your device. As here we are concerned only with Clash of Clan, let’s look for that option and click on it. (Assuming you have already Clash of Clan installed on your device)

Hack Clash of Clans

Now that we are inside Lucky Patcher and have clicked on Clash of Clan option let’s talk about all the hack you can go for.  We here have made a list of all these features as follows:

Best COC Hacks Offered by Lucky Patcher Apk –

    • Move the Game to SD Card:
      [adinserter block=”10″] While this not much of a hack, but Lucky Patcher offers an option to transfer the entire app to your SD card. This is especially a plus for those mobile users where they cannot save any app on the external storage device. Using this feature, you can just remove the Clash of Clan from Internal memory and save it in your internal memory.

Move the Game to SD Card

    • Get Unlimited Gems & Coins:
      This is something that every player in Clash of Clan dreams about, getting unlimited resources and gems that is a very rare and valuable resource. But here we will be showing you all the methods to get unlimited coins and gems.

      • In the first menu as shown in the image above, click on the option which says: “Menu of Patches.” Another menu will pop up.
      • Here selects the option which says: “Support Patch for In-app and LVL emulation.”
      • This app will remove the in-app purchase. Wait till the patch gets applied.
      • Once applied, go back to Clash of Clan game and open it
      • Here go to the Buy now and click any gems, coins or others to buy.
      • You will be directed to the Google Play Store, payment gateway. But instead of going there you will see that it directs back to the game, and you have got those free gems and coins for free.

Get Unlimited Gems & Coins

    • Add Modification using Custom Patches:
      The hack does not stop there you can even add different custom patches to make the game work as you like it. In the menu you will see another option: “Manual Patcher” this option when click will come with some custom patches that you can add to the game like adding more troops, raising the level and many more. Select an option and wait till it succeeds and then you can go for it.

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    • Modify the Apk:
      You can altogether change the game and play with a modified version of the game. Here you will get everything leveled up troops, Townhall 11 and many more. But this has a catch that you might get removed from the Supercell server (the developer of the game). So, if that is ok for you, then surely proceed with it.

Modify the Apk

Note: Note that while updating the game from Google Play store, the patches might get deleted so make sure to reapply then with the update Lucky Patcher. Also, make sure you update Lucky Patcher with the latest version to make sure all the Patches work.

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This was it and if you liked this Lucky Patcher Apk guide then do share it with others. If you have any query or want to know more related to this topic, then feel free to comment down below, and we will get back to you with an answer.


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