[TiPS] How to Hack In-App Purchases (Billing) with Lucky Patcher Apk Apk

Well, I know, if you are reading this article then you are a mad gamer. And you want to enjoy the regular gaming experience without wasting your money on these games. But, unfortunately, the developers nowadays don’t allow you to do that, as you have to purchase most of the awesome things in a game, which is certainly not worth the pay. So, in this article, we will be telling you about an app which can let you hack these purchases for free! Isn’t that cool? It’s called the “Lucky Patcher Apk, ” and you might have heard about an application with that name which is used for modding games.

What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky Patcher Apk can perform multiple operations on your Android device, along with the application you will be able to remove license verification from the purchasable application, or you can even remove ads from the much ad-filled application. Lucky Patcher APK can hack the in-app purchase very confidently, and the most attractive feature regarding such is that does not require root access to hack the in-app.

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Steps to Hack In-App Purchases (Billing) with Lucky Patcher APK

How to Hack in App Purchases (Billing) with Lucky Patcher

This lucky patcher app article will help you to understand the role of lucky patcher apk file and step by step method of hacking the in-app purchase (billing) with the use of lucky patcher APK. The steps required to is listed below; all you need is to follow the step of order, and proper consideration and task are completed with ease.

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Step 1: Download Lucky Patcher APK File –

First of all, you need to download the apk file of Lucky Patcher Apk File from here.
Or from our Website; you can choose any which you want. The data can be seen in the download folder of your mobile phone,

Step 2: Open the Lucky Patcher APK File –

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After downloading the lucky patcher apk file or you can save the file you have to open the downloaded Lucky Patcher APK File.

Step 3: Click on Toolbox & Search for ‘Patch for Android’ & Click on the Option –

Click on Toolbox & Search for 'Patch for Android' & Click on the Option

You need to make sure that you have rooted the smartphone, however, after such, all you need is to click on the toolbox which is present at the bottom and scroll down the option to search the possibility of ”Patch for Android.” After encountering it, you need to click on the option.

Step 4: Tick all the Patches & Click on Apply to Make Changes –

You have to tick all the patches, click on the apply button in order to make the changes and wait for some time. The system will then reboot; this is due to the reason that applied changes should be successfully implemented, and you will obtain the implemented feature in no time.

Step 5: Close the Lucky Patcher APK App & Open the Games/App –

Close the Lucky Patcher & Open the Games/App

After completing the step 4, you need to close the Lucky Patcher Apk app file and open the games/ application where you need to hack the in-app purchase. You must make sure that lucky patcher apk file that you choose is compatible and also check the Lucky Patcher latest version.

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Step 6: Select the Required Item & Click on Buy & Get it –

The next phase is followed by browsing to the buying areas and determines the product that you want to purchase to meet your satisfaction level. After selecting the required item, you need to click on the Buy option or something identical which would be purchased or Get this product as per configuration of the website through which you can buy.

Step 7: Click on ‘Yes’ Button there to Get it for Free –

Click on 'Yes' Button there to Get it for Free

Now you will encounter the window of Lucky Patcher Original App that would ask whether you want to get the item for free of cost. Click or tap on the Yes Button to get the item or product free of cost.

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Step 8:

hacking in-app purchase process

Congratulation, the process is completed, and through these simple steps in order, you will be able to hack in-app purchase with Lucky Patcher APK application file without facing any hassle it. What else? You make sure that you have rooted the phone as Lucky Patcher apk app works well with only rooted phones and that’s all for the hacking in-app purchase process. Now just enjoy by attaining the hassle-free experience with this Lucky Patcher App.


With the above methods, you will be able to understand what really lucky patcher APK app is; and steps through you can hack the in-app (billing) with the use of Lucky Patcher Application.

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