[TiPS] How to Uninstall System Apps on Android by Lucky Patcher Apk Apk

I know how badly you want to un-install those annoying system applications and for uninstalling them, we can choose an app called “Lucky Patcher Apk”. There is need to remove the system application for the reason that there are some of the apps like Google + which consist of high memory which takes a lot of space on your mobile. All you want is to keep the videos and photos of memories that bring a cherish smile on your face thus it would be a tedious task to store such. First you need to make your mind which you are not using application, and further followed the steps that help to overcome the issue and free the space for your mobile phone.

Salient Features of Lucky Patcher APK:

Lucky Patcher app can perform different things in your Android device along with the application such as you will be able to remove the license verification from any application, or you can even eliminate the ads from the application. It has a large number of mods included that can be applied to different apps, and sure you will be able to enjoy the ultimate benefit of the app. In this Lucky Patcher app article will help you to understand the role of lucky patcher apk and step by step method of removing the application from the computer system with the use of lucky patcher app.

How to Remove System Apps using Lucky Patcher APK

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How to Uninstall System Apps on Android using Lucky Patcher

The steps required to uninstall are listed below, just follow them accordingly, and you will be easily able to uninstall your system apps –

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Step 1: Download Lucky Patcher APK File –

First, you will need to install Lucky Patcher apk app on your android mobile phone by here

The lucky patcher apk file that you have downloaded will be shown in the download folder of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Install Lucky Patcher APK File –

Install Lucky Patcher

After downloading the lucky patcher app on the mobile phone, you have to save that apk file and then open it. You will attain data and also the app that can be used to uninstall the system Application from Android.

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Step 3: Permit for the Root Access –

Permit for Root Access

At such instance, the lucky patcher app will ask for the root permission; simply you have to allow the process of root permission to follow succeeding steps.

Step 4: Select the Application to Uninstall –

Select the Application to Uninstall

Choose the type of Uninstall

Open the lucky patcher app and click on the app of your desire that needs to be uninstalled from the device. In case, you have selected the wrong file; you can click the Discard option through which you can choose the right app that needs to be uninstalled.

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Step 5: Choose the type of Uninstallation –

Choose the type of Uninstallation

The next step that you have to follow is to choose the option of Uninstall App from the menu option that has been encountered by you during this stage or not.

Step 6: Click on ‘Yes’ to Continue the Process of Uninstallation –

After that, the application blinks the warning alarm that entails the fact that whether you want to remove the application or not. If you want to continue the process of un-installation, all you need is to click on Yes.

Step 7: Proceed –

That’s all you have to do, proceed, and within a fraction of the section, you will be able to remove the system application from Android with Lucky Patcher Apk app. By performing the last step, you will be able to save the memory space in which you can store files and video which you prefer.

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With the above lucky patcher apk guiding methods, you will be able to understand what lucky patcher app is; and steps through which system application can be removed from the android with the use of Lucky Patcher APK.

Hope this lucky patcher app information will let you understand the entire description of the un-installation process of system application from Android. If you found the above explanation helpful, please do like it and share it with others, to make it accessible to other users that are looking to save the memory space of the mobile phones by removing the application which is not useful.


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