Last Day on Earth Mod Apk Download (Full Latest Version) Apk

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Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

Latest Versionv1.11.5
Size69 MB
Last updated on30-01-2019
Requirement Android4.0 and above
Total Downloads50 Million+
Download LinkClick here

Kefir is a well-known and remarkably one of the best game development companies at present, which has given us the chart blockbuster games like Metro 2033, Last Days on Earth, Grim Soul, Russian Prison Mafia and many more? The company is a family of more than one hundred employees all over the globe. They all develop and update the games in a very professional and friendly environment. In 2016, the company started making its Android-based games and was the hit in the play store since then.

About Last Day on Earth Mod Apk:

All things said was only possible due to the blooming of just one game, and that is Last Day on Earth Apk. This Last Day on Earth Mod Apk game shattered all the records of the play store app with getting the Editor’s Choice award with the mind-blowing rating of 4.4 in gameplay, 4.5 in graphics, and 4.4 in controls, giving it 4.5 altogether. This action game was and still is the Editor’s Choice game. The game is about the survival of the fittest as the days of zombies have come to our world, and the only thing that can keep you alive is yourself.

Life in the game world is a post-apocalyptic time in the year 2027. There was an outbreak of an infection which destroyed the human race, and few got saved. Later the dead humans gradually started becoming alive, and everyone called them the half gone. It is an exciting online game which you will find very adventurous, and you will never get bored on the part of the game.

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk: Gameplay

There are a lot of things that you or any player needs to keep in mind. In the game, you can create weapons, clothes, food, and water to maintain your health at its best. All types of small and useful items can be utilized efficiently. Whatever you collect, will be used to kill or distract the zombies around the player with all the resources available to you. The primary motive of the player is to make your area safe by constructing traps and walls. You will also get chances to loot unique items that can be used while killing the undead. Your only motto is to be alive and keep the others alive.

Features of Last Day on Earth Mod Apk –

  • Lovely graphics and the game have aligned all its functions at the perfect position for the players to play their game comfortably.
  • As the game is tight, it will be loved by the hardcore players and will be a competition crossing every
  • There are a lot of options to update your weapon and your clothes and armor. This won’t just be a necessary thing, but also the things that will make your house and traps too.

Specification of Last Day on Earth Mod Apk:

The most stable version of Last Day on Earth Apk is the v11.5 APK

  • Application Name: -11.5.apk
  • Last Day on Earth Apk file size: 115MB (This is before installation)
  • Version: 11.5
  • Supported On: Android 4.0 and Above.
Minimum & Recommended Requirements for Last Day on Earth Mod Apk:

The minimum requirement to run the Last Day on Earth Apk properly in the device should be Android 4.0 and above, and the GPU should be ARMv7. Clock frequency should be at least 950MHz. 450 MB of RAM is required. The best will be if the system will have ARMv7 with the neon and the clock speed more than 1250 MHz and the Ram should be more than 512 MB to get the best out of the software.

Steps to Download & Install Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

  • We need to download the Zip file from here.
  • We have to keep in mind that the entire internet medium should be disconnected. That mean the Wi-Fi or the cellular data should be disabled.

  • After clicking the link given above, the file will be downloaded and do keep in mind to disable all the anti-virus software because sometimes it detects it as malware. This is a general reaction to any third part unlicensed software being installed to our system.
  • We have to extract the file in our system now and then copy them to the OBB directory in your internal storage. The directory is sdcard/Android/file directory.
  • After copying from your computer to your android device, you need to click on the file, and you will get a notification to install the Last Day on Earth Mod Apk.
  • Now check the Last Day on Earth Apk is working correctly or not. If there is any kind of problem, then change the directory or reinstall the Last Day on Earth Apk.

Few Tips for Efficient Gameplay

Some levels are challenging and are equally loved by the hardcore player in this genre. Whenever the player is going for a battle. They should be equipped with all the weapons and devices to kill all the zombies coming on their way. The moment you cross the western side of your map, you will get the online option to interact with all the players around the globe.

The game will give you all the privileges to do that you can imagine in a zombie dominated world and you have to survive. With the Last Day on Earth Mod Apk, the characters can now be upgraded according to the players wish. And the level-up options are also improved. Whenever you are crossing a level, you will be awarded a new skill. Now the game will have 200 hundred degrees. All the ability are upgraded, and now the players will have tons of opportunities to kill the zombies with new ways.


The Last Day on Earth Mod Apk offers optimal graphics along with a fair amount of excitement and thrill for gamers. As a player, if you want an all-round survival experience. And that was all about the steps to download, install and play Last Day on Earth Mod Apk. The game offers impressive expertise so if you want to gain the upper hand while playing this game. You can easily download and install the Last Day on Earth Apk.


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