[FiXED] Lucky Patcher Not Working App Issue? (Free In-App Purchases) Apk

Before you go into the Lucky Patcher Not Working app problem and mention some solutions, let’s talk a bit about Lucky Patcher APK. Lucky Patcher App is a very powerful and versatile app. It is supported both in Android and IOS. With BlackBerry introducing its latest operating system BB10, it works on that OS as well.

So, why Lucky Patcher app? Well, in this century, almost everyone uses smartphone whether Android or IOS version. To use this smartphone and bring the world to our fingertip, we need applications. These applications do not come for free. Those who are free, have Google ads and other which are not free, you must cash some money to use it. Lucky Patcher apk helps you to remove this terms and condition and other restriction which helps you to modify these apps with your customization.

How to Download & Install Lucky Patcher Apk?

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Before you start downloading and install Lucky Patcher apk, you should note that your device must be rooted. Without root connection, Lucky Patcher apk might not work. If your device is not rooted, then you can root your device very quickly applications like King Root or similar such app.

  • Once you have a rooted device, click here to download lucky patcher:
  • After you download it, click on it and install the file.
    After you download it, click on it and install the file
  • When you open Lucky Patcher apk for the first time, it will ask for root permission, Grant that authorization to continue.
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There are many such apps like Lucky Patcher apk, but not all are as reliable as Lucky Patcher apk. Even though Lucky Patcher app is so powerful, sometimes we might face little problem regarding the usage of it. One such problem is that it hangs when you go to in-app purchases. So, in this Lucky Patcher Not Working article, we will be fixing this error, and we will help you through this problem in no time. Just keep reading.

Fix & Solve Lucky Patcher Not Working In-App Purchases

Lucky Patcher Not Working

Solutions for in-app purchase depends on what actually the Lucky Patcher Not Working problem is.

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Many users who use Lucky Patcher apk that they have not found any options for removing in-app purchase. To find the options follow these steps:

Many users who use Lucky Patcher that they have not found any options of removing in-app purchase. To find the options follow these steps

  • After you have selected the application in which you want to get rid of in-app purchase from this lucky patcher, a drop-down menu is displayed. Over here select the option which says: “Open menu of Patches.”
  • After you have clicked that option, another option pops saying Create Modified Apk File.

After you have clicked that option, another option pops saying create Modified Apk

[Note: In some version of Lucky Patcher apk, this step is ignored, rather it goes to next step].

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  • Another list pops out display a list of options. Here select the one which says: “Support patch for In-app and LVL emulation.” This patch removes all in-app purchases and makes them
  • To see the result, after you have applied the patches, reboot your device. Then click the application, instead of Google in-app pop-up message, you will see Lucky Patcher app pop-up asking you whether you want it free, click ok to continue.
  • If you are applying to remove in-app purchase for the first time and the previous step did not work out, then try to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher apk, you can download the newest version from here: Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version
  • Another problem user complaint is after using in-app purchase without a problem, buying in free stopped. For this, there can be more than one reasons.
    • Sometimes there is a limitation on a number of times you can buy free for in-app purchase. This is done to prevent any suspicious from the developer side. Solution to this is that you can change your date of the device.
    • You may have updated the application. In that case, redo the steps again to remove in-app purchase.
    • If the previous step did not work, then update Lucky Patcher apk to its latest version for it to work.

If none of the above Lucky Patcher Not Working solutions worked, there is a possibility that Lucky Patcher apk might not support the application. If it is not supported then it’s bad luck, you cannot do anything.


So, we hope that our “Lucky Patcher In-app purchases not working” Error Fix article was helpful for you. And if you have liked this Lucky Patcher Not Working Issue article and it helped you do share it with others and comment your experience below.


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