Minecraft PE Apk Download For Free (Latest Version) Apk

NameMinecraft PE Apk
Latest Version1.10.0.4
Size85.5 MB
Released on02 February 2019
Requirement Android4.0 and Above
Total Downloads500 Million+
Download LinkClick here

Mojang Game Developers have given us the best-transformed versions of the old age games with the present graphics competition. They have been the best game developer company since 2009. Their games Minecraft, Minecraft PE Apk (Pocket Edition), Caller’s Bane, and Cobalt are the ones who made the company famous. But the game that gave them a plus one in terms of the present genre is Minecraft PE Apk Pocket Edition. This game made the Minecraft line to become more famous. The pocket edition is the smaller version with the same graphics structure, but the best part about this version is that it takes much less space than the original Minecraft android version.

As Minecraft PC was developed first, there is a lot of function that was missing in the previous generations, and so the developers had to make the game more simplified and better for the controls and all the details to fit into the Minecraft PE Apk version. They added more details, more functions and all that to work in less required hardware and software resources. The game was later compressed too little size of around 90 MB which doesn’t include the after installation file. This was a big step for the developer to take and they easily got to that point. Mojang Game Developers then released the PE version in late August 2011 with a huge success in the play store.

About the Game:

The story of the android version and the pc version is almost the same. You will get to travel to different worlds and make your own world from building homes to the most unimaginable castles. Be the most creative person player and with the unlimited resources given to you in the game, make the best strategies to survive. Explore the best of all the worlds and survive until the end of your last life. Create the most fascinating world with your friends. The game allows the player to make mines and construct anything that the user can imagine.

The game at present is having great reviews. For gameplay it got 4.3, for graphics it got 4.3, and for controls, it got 4.2. The game is even rated as family friendly. There have been almost 10 million + downloads which surely makes this game a must playable. There have been updates to the game, and it includes some lovely new flowers, 20+ new varieties of stairs, walls, and slabs to construct whatever you want to until your imaginations stop you. Cornflowers have also been added to the game which can be used in the valley.

Features of Minecraft PE Apk

As Minecraft was developed for the pc version and the controls were according to the input devices like keyboard and mouse, it was a great challenge for the game developers to put all the controls, same details, textures, and graphics but with all the effort and the challenges they got the Minecraft and Minecraft PE Apk for the various consoles and handheld devices which include the Android devices, IOS, and even for Firefox OS. The control in the pc version has a combination of keyboard and mouse action. They include all the movements and individual key actions. Some of its key features are as follows:

  • Players can use their imaginations and all the creativity with the help of creativity mode with infinite blocks to construct your dream structure.
  • One of the best parts about the game is that you can play it in offline mode and you won’t need the internet to get any kind of access to your files or saved games.
  • The game gives you the action-packed functions like rockets and explosions, and you can even customize each and every detail of it.
  • A lot of weapons can be made by the player to fight the zombies.
  • The multiplayer mode will help you to compete and let your friends join while playing your game without any kind of lagging and disturbance. This can be done even in the separately repacked version by some other third-party aftermarket developer.
  • Juggernaut buildings and sandbox crafting are the main attractions in the Minecraft PE Apk for the gamers. We need to keep this in mind that the gaming experience will be different in different handheld devices as every device will have different graphics card and RAM. So better the graphics and RAM, the better the gameplay will be.

Steps to Download Minecraft PE Apk

Installation process to install Minecraft PE Apk on your device,

  • First, download the file from here.
  • Do disconnect your Wi-Fi or data pack before starting your installation process.
  • The file will automatically start downloading, and if not then there will be a link. Click it, and your download will start.
  • Now decompress the file, and you will get two files, and one is the apk file, and the other is the obb file.
  • If you can’t find the OBB zip file, then create a secondary directory sdcard/Android/file directory.
  • Now copy the apk file from the downloaded location and then paste it in the /sdcard, Android/obb/Minecraft.v1.9.0.15/.
  • Now after copying the file, you need to select the file, and it will ask you to install the file. Keep in mind that the file should be not more than 85.5 MB before installation.
  • Install the file and then check everything. If still having any problem then redo the whole process. The problem will be solved.


So, that was all about the process of how to download Minecraft PE apk on your device. Minecraft has its own legacy to behold. But with the Minecraft PE apk for Android, you can enjoy the legacy of this game directly from your Android device, which makes it even more entertaining and enjoyable. As you can download Minecraft PE apk on your device and play it without any hassle.


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