PPSSPP Gold Apk Download for Free (Full Latest Version) Apk

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NamePPSSPP Gold Apk
Latest Versionv2.0.9
Size5.53 MB
Released on02-Aug-13
Requirement Android2.3 and above
Total Downloads500 k+
Download LinkClick here

Henrik Rydgård is an application developer who owns a company. This company designs and develops emulators, external applications for HTC Vive, and software to compose music using a stylus. For the HTC Vive, the software developed was to install them with the help of a system externally and later implement it on the joystick provided with it. For the software that helps to compose music is actually done by the help of stylus and it records the directions and amount of strokes. Every stroke is taken into account of the stylus. The developer made different kinds of software for the market, and each and every one of them is unique. In all the applications, the PPSSPP Gold Apk emulator is something to put your eyes on.


PPSSPP Gold Apk –

This software can help you run applications of PSP (PlayStation Portable) in our android devices, PC, and Mac. The application has two variants, basic and gold. The app is very helpful and can function with no errors. As kids, we always used to dream about such applications.

Why go for PPSSPP Gold Apk:

The software is crafted perfectly to act as a PSP for an Android device. It can run full HD games without any hesitation or any lag. PPSSPP Gold Apk is open source software which is licensed under GPL 2.0. So basically any person around the globe can update or make improvements to the software. The app in the Play Store has done great. Overall the app has a rating of 4.3. For the gameplay, the app got 4.2, for graphics it got 4.2, and 4.1 for controls. This shows that the app has done wonderfully. The gold version has a lot of extra features, and the money will be going for development. We will be providing you with the most stable version of PPSSPP Gold Apk file for Android.

Features of PPSSPP Gold Apk –

  • The user can experience all the games in full HD resolution which mean that whatever game you try to play of PSP, it will be enhanced even if the game is less dense pixellated.
  • Play the game on a tablet to get the visuals on a bigger screen and you can customize the application according to your suitability. The players can change the controls and visuals with its inbuilt settings on-screen.
  • If the user wants, they can even attach a gamepad, keyboard, or any kind of input devices to enhance the gaming experience.
  • You can even enhance the visual standards and the anisotropic filtering and increase or decrease the texture scaling. With the latest update, the software will have the option to optimize the texture and task switching has become much easier.
  • As the processing shader was updated in the GL 3+, the games will now have filtering structure function. Previously there were a lot of issues with the software but in the past updates the developer has done a great job to make the software flawless.
  • Whenever we play old games, the control doesn’t feel right, and are have a lot of problems like not aligned textures, and game axis is not at its position. But now as we have the emulator, we can enhance each and every detail in the game and even the old ones.

  • The application was developed to transfer all your saved games to its local storage or to the cloud with an account option to sign in. this account will be private and only the user can access it.
  • There were some problems to logically attach the software to the Android device but later it was corrected with a software patch.

Requirements for PPSSPP Gold Apk to Play:

The minimum requirement to run the application properly in the device should be Android 4.0 and above, and the GPU should be ARMv7. Clock frequency should be at least 700MHz. 500 MB of RAM is required. The best will be if the system will have ARMv7 with the neon and the clock speed more than 1200 MHz and the Ram should be more than 850 MB to get the best out of the software. As the software has the advanced pixel shader version, it needs to have a better graphics card. It will be much better if the user uses Snapdragon 630 and above.

Steps to Download & Install PPSSPP Gold Apk

  • First you will have to download the Zip file from the provided link.
  • Then you have to keep in mind to disconnect any type of internet connections. That mean the Wi-Fi or the cellular data should be disabled.
  • Click the link given above and the file will be downloaded, and disable all the anti-virus software because sometimes it detects it as malware. This is a general reaction to any third part unlicensed software being installed to our system.
  • Now you have to move them in your system and then copy it to the OBB directory in your internal storage. Which is sdcard/Android/file directory.
  • After copying from your computer or any device to the given directory on your android device. You need to click on the file and you will get a notification to install the application.

  • Now check the app is working properly or not. If there is any kind of problem then change the directory or reinstall the app.

Specification of PPSSPP Gold Apk:

The most stable version of PPSSPP Gold Apk is V1.7.5.

  • Application Name: PPSSPP-Gold-apk –7.5.apk
  • Apk file size: 13.5MB (This is before installation)
  • Version: 7.5
  • Supported On: Android 4.0 and Above.


So, that was all about the process to download the conventional PPSSPP Gold Apk emulator which can be used as a PS emulator for your device. The process mentioned involves some easily understandable steps. And after installing the PPSSPP Gold Apk, you can enjoy a variety of games on your device.


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