Real Steel WRB MOD APK Download for Free (Unlimited Everything) Apk

NameReal Steel WRB MOD APK
Latest Version35.35.010
Size45 MB + 455.1 MB
Latest Update10 January 2019
RequirementAbove 4.0.3
Total downloads50 million+
Download linkClick Here

About the Company:

Real Steel the movie which won the hearts of many people, was an exception, consider something similar happening in the virtual won’t you be excited. Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt Limited thought of that and created a marvelous game which won’t let you down. A battle full of robots and the only thing you need to do is win and be the best. By making this Real Steel WRB MOD APK game, the company made many dreams come true. It was established in 2005, that is 14 years ago, and in this period they produce many more games, apps, web series, animation, etc. touching the skies. Its headquarters lies in Mumbai. They have created Real steel world robot boxing, Real steel boxing champions, WWE Mayhem, Drone shadow strike, Pixel heroes: Battle royal and many more games.

Real Steel WRB MOD APK

About the Real Steel WRB MOD APK Game:

Let’s get transferred into the world of robots and not any common robot fighting but engage into the world of Real Steel WRB MOD APK, your favorite characters are there interact with them, choose your favorite hero and plan a strategy to fight against huge robots in the battlefield. The only mission is to make your enemy loose and be the best in this world with this wonderful multiplayer game. This Real Steel WRB MOD APK game is an exception for action genre as it is very difficult to convert such a big film into a virtual world without fail. A game with outstanding graphics which will make you feel the battle heat in reality. The game already reached 50 million plus downloads which are a proof that this Real Steel WRB MOD APK game is not a backlash and in fact, it got 4.4 rating in the top critic site which is remarkable for such a high expectation holding game.

Real Steel WRB MOD APK


Get ready for your dreamed matches in the robot world just by playing this ultimate multiplayer Real Steel WRB MOD APK game. Choose your ideal, interact, and take the help of them for eliminating the enemies. You just need to choose your favorite warrior and move ahead with him till you become the best. On your road, you will meet the different characters, take their help, keep upgrading your buddy, make it look better by customizing them and play with the world, tell them who you are. Unlock and unleash stellar robots on your journey to be the best. Make a strategy and play accordingly if you want to be the best.

Real Steel WRB MOD APK

Features of Real Steel WRB MOD APK –

  • The best part of the game is its user interface that is the simplicity and ease with which the player can play the game. This Real Steel WRB MOD APK game not only releases your stress but is also easy to configure which means it won’t take you much time to understand or to play the game.
  • This game has got a challenging environment as it won’t let you get bored because as you reach ahead, the difficulties will keep increasing making it difficult for the player to compete. There are the championship, time attack and in fact challenge mode too making in interesting.
  • What would be better than you getting a chance to play with over 100 million players that’s right? A best multiplayer game where you can make your squad also, play with strangers, and try to beat them and in fact beat the best to become the best.
  • You will have 11 different areas with all having different specifications making it much more difficult for the player to play and it will keep on testing the skills of the players.
  • A robot without upgrades will be of no use, so this Real Steel WRB MOD APK game provides you with upgrades at each level which makes your buddy stronger, and that would make your game easier, so keep upgrading.

Real Steel WRB MOD APK

Specifications of Real Steel WRB MOD APK:

Its latest version is 35.35.010 which was updated recently on 10 January 2019, and the size of the game file is 45mb while internal downloading may vary up to 456mb. This Real Steel WRB MOD APK game is easily available for the PC and Android devices.

System Requirement:

For this Real Steel WRB MOD APK game not to lag in any device the system requirement is moderate. As there is no official announcement for this MOD APK but the user must have at least 50mb to 500mb space in their device according to the smartphone they are carrying because the file size is different and internal downloading is different and at least a minimum RAM of 1.5 GB. With minimum android 4.0.3 version or more than it. If all these minimum requirements are met, then your APK will run smoothly.

Steps to Download & Install Real Steel WRB MOD APK

Real Steel WRB MOD APK

  • First of all, uninstall any other Real Steel WRB MOD APK as it will not let the app to get installed.
  • Click here to download the zip file of Real Steel WRB MOD APK.
  • Now deactivate your antivirus as it would not let it get installed, because it will act as an outer source party.
  • Now extract the file downloaded with some explorer as it would contain both the thing, apk, and the data.
  • Now install the APK.
  • And copy the extracted data to its specific position in the sd card/Android/OBB.
  • Run the game and enjoy its new features.

Tips for Efficient Playing:

It’s very simple you choose the one who suits you and set the controls according to your interface as the game graphics will make it look very real. You get energy cores which are your life power booster too which you need in a fight, but it drains out faster and regains slowly so use it carefully. The playing standard and time trials are very comfortable so that your hand gets set and in fact, you can earn money. Keep upgrading your buddy, and in fights, quick jabs are very useful and understand the mechanics of your enemy.


If you are a fan of the movie then for sure, you will fall for this Real Steel WRB MOD APK game too due to its gameplay, graphics, etc. Plan strategy, choose robots who can stand till last and make you the best among the best.



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