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TikTok we know today is a merger of Musically apk and Douyin. Musically was a short video streaming app which gained popularity worldwide for its witty and stylish videos. Later on, Musically merged with Douyin (Chinese app) and created a bigger and widespread app known as TikTok. Douyin belongs to Chinese internet technology company, ByteDance. TikTok Apk is used widely across the globe for its short musical clips, humorous videos, and some steamy content.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok apk is a musical short video streaming app which is a big trend amongst youth throughout the globe. It gives you amazing features such as adding attractive filters, music, and much more to your videos. The app is present in over 75 places and released in more than 150 languages. You can add clips as short as 3 seconds to 60 seconds (approx). Also, you can add a loop and make a loop of your videos, which looks like a progressive gif image. The app has more than 500 million users globally.

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History of TikTok:

Douyin was developed in China by ByteDance in 2016. The app was made in about 200 days and created a user base of 100 million in a short span of 1 year. The popularity of this app could be guessed by the fact that it had more than 1 billion views every day. Douyin was branded as TikTok Apk in International market and was expanding by leaps and bounds every day.

Release dateSeptember 2016
Developed byByteDance
Available in36 languages
Platform SupportedIOS, Android
Users500 million (Globally)
Market125 countries
Awards and NominationsMost downloaded Apple store app


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Targeting Youth of the United States, TikTok apk purchased a startup known as Musically which was an app developed in Shanghai and had an office in Santa Monica. Combining with Musically gave TikTok a new dimensional success and this app was later on downloaded 800 million times around the world.

Everything about TikTok Apk: Free Download, Guide, Features, Money & More

TikTok Apk offers vast Variety of video editing options, and if used smartly you can easily create a global fan base with this app. The app is honored as the most downloaded app on the Apple App store worldwide.

Features of TikTok Apk:

  • Add musical feature in the background.
  • Speed up or slow down your videos.
  • Add so many beautiful filters.
  • Use Music genre of your choice.
  • Become an icon worldwide.

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Trends on TikTok:

There are many trends on TikTok Apk, and they keep updating over time. One thing that is a trend today, tomorrow the same could end up being a fashion disaster.  Also, there are challenges. Suppose a person with huge follower list throws in a TikTok Apk with a hashtag #Duetwithme, His followers will get the option of sharing it, liking the video and commenting on it. Also, you can Duet with the video using the Duet option.

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(Top 10) Trending Challenges of TikTok Apk Worldwide –

  1. #LemonsForLeukemia
  2. #SnapYourLife
  3. #CountOnMe
  4. #FilterTransition
  5. #PopLikeThat
  6. #Stairshuffle
  7. #RainDropChallenge
  8. #ReactToThis
  9. #ChooseYourCharacter
  10. #HalloweenBattle

Privacy in TikTok Apk:

The app recently came under the guillotine for its low privacy features which became a concern for parents. Underage kids posted videos in their school uniform which revealed their identity and location and this was becoming a threat for parents, guardians, and kids themselves.

Furthermore, looking at the gravity of the matter, TikTok Apk announced stricter means to tackle such behavior. They introduced account deletion, private message access, and parental controls. In the latest version, you can’t delete your account and hence need an email approval to do so.

TipTok Apk

Safety for TikTok Apk Users:

TikTok insists that there is an age limit for users. Children under 12 years old can’t use the app, and in some countries, that age limit is 16+. However, kids are finding new ways to get on the app. TikTok Apk maintained that “they will not hesitate in deleting underage profiles,” but there are still outbreaks happening every day.

Whereas the content of the app is concerned, App store and play store have marked warning of “mild sexual content and nudity.”  Bad words and lyrics go in hand with the app, and I guess that’s part of being a trend as well.

TipTok Guidance

Can you get famous on TikTok Apk?

Of course, you can. TikTok will raise your fame from local to a global level. Some people came from nowhere and became an instant sensation on TikTok.

(Top 10) Most Followed Accounts on TikTok Apk Worldwide –

  1. Lisa and Lena Mantler - 32.1 m
  2. Loren Gray - 29.8 m
  3. Baby Ariel - 29.2 m
  4. Kristen Hancher - 21.5 m
  5. Cameron Dallas – 17.9 m
  6. Gil Croes - 16.4 m
  7. Jayden Croes - 4 m
  8. Savannah Soutas - 13.7 m
  9. Liza Koshy - 13.6 m
  10. Mackenzie Ziegler – 12.3 m

Can you get Rich on TikTok Apk?

With great popularity comes great riches. Musical labels generate strong revenue through their labels and music being a trend on TikTok. If a famous TikTok Apk influencer shares a new track in collaboration with the song producers he gets a fair share of earnings in the label or a beefy paycheck for promotion. Merchandise and gifts are promoted through the Influencers as well. Fans can purchase gifts ranging from $5 to $50 from the Influencers, and this generates revenue for both creators and producers.

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(Steps) How to Download/Install TikTok Apk on your Android/IOS Devices

Awesome if you came on to download the app that means I’ve earned one more fan in TikTok user base. Downloading TikTok is quite a simple task, and we provide an in-house link for TikTok download. You can visit this link and download TikTok Apk. And in no time you’ll be enjoying making amazing videos.

  • Download the Apk from here,

TipTok download

  • Open the downloaded Apk from your download File Directory by double tapping on it.

TipTok Install

  • Install the Apk file into your Android or IOS phone.

TipTok play *Note: Allow Installation by unknown sources in your phone setting so that app installs without a problem.

  • The app should appear on your screen.

TipTok Apk Run

  • Enjoy Tiktoking!

Final Verdict:

Having a TikTok app and recording video gives a zeal of happiness, and I hope you enjoy and discover a new self. If you find any challenges in using TikTok Apk, then comment down your problems, and we’ll take care of them for you. Have fun TikToking!


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